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Hitster Music card game Stand Alone Expansion (SE)
Hitster Music card game Stand Alone Expansion (SE)

Hitster Music card game Stand Alone Expansion (SE)

Players: 2-12
Playing Time: 30-60 Min
Age: 15+

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Extend the party with this stand-alone expansion pack containing 300 extra hits!
It can be played together* with the original game, but having the original game is not a prerequisite.


Listen to over 100 years of hits and take turns guessing when they were released by placing them on your music timeline. The first player with 10 hits in chronological order wins the title HITSTER.


HITSTER is both a game and soundtrack for your party in one that lets you and your friends go on a trip down memory lane together while enjoying great hits. This version of HITSTER contains:

  • 300 Swedish and international hits released between 1916-2022
  • 30 HITSTER cards
  • The HITSTER-app that let´s you play the hits automatically in Spotify
  • 3 difficulty levels

* Note that this stand-alone expansion don´t have a DJ-booth and the QR-codes are positioned on the back of the music cards. This design is also the same for all Original games we sell and is the result of an effort to improve the overall game experience from the DJ-booth version. If you already have the original game with a DJ-booth, you can mix the cards with this expansion in the same game, but the cards look a little bit different, and the DJ needs to use a different process to scan the them.

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