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King's Cup Extreme
King's Cup Extreme
King's Cup Extreme
King's Cup Extreme

King's Cup Extreme

Players: 3-10
Playing Time: 20-60 Min
Age: 18+
Language: English

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King’s Cup Extreme is a laugh-out-loud party game. Sometimes refereed to as Kings or Ring of Fire, this classic college drinking game has been revamped for a more widespread audience.

This deck includes fan-favorites from across campuses nationwide plus new, never-before-seen cards. To succeed in this updated version, you’ll need to be quicker, smarter, and of course, thirstier.

Each of the 120 cards has instructions so you can play instantly, no need to explain the rules to your guests. Simply pull a card, follow the command, and kickstart your night! The game ends when the fourth Hail To The King card is drawn and losing player is sentenced to drink the King's Cup.

The cards are 100% waterproof. Spill all you want, these cards won’t get damaged.

Alcohol is not required, any beverage is suitable.


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