Dominations Hegemon

Dominations Hegemon

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Dominations Silk Hegemon


History Is written by the Victors… in ancient Greece, a hegemon was a great political and military leader. His word was law, his opinion respected above all others, and those who sought power would find it by gaining his favor now, with the hegemon expansion for dominations, you and your opponents can fight to impress the all-powerful hegemon! Hegemon Replaces the original objective cards with a new hegemony tile mechanic. These common objectives can change during the Game, meaning you'll have to adapt your strategy or find your own ways to outscore your opponents! Additionally, this expansion also includes a new Omens feature. These event cards can hinder your plans or bring you even greater glory! You can also call upon the aid of the Oracle, replacing the high Priest and giving you control over the ebbs and flows of fate.


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