Magic Lost Caverns of Ixalan...

Magic Lost Caverns of Ixalan Collector Booster

Magic Lost Caverns of Ixalan Collector Booster

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When you dig up each Collector Booster, you’re guaranteed to find Traditional Foils, Rares and/or Mythics, and a Universes Beyond Jurassic World Collection card depicting iconic characters and moments from the Jurassic World franchise. We’ve also spared no expense with stunning alt-art, alt-border cards and Collector Booster-exclusive special treatments. Each The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Collector Booster contains 15 Magic: The Gathering cards and 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token, with 1 Borderless Jurassic World card (Rare or Land), 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher, 4 Uncommons, 4 Commons, and 1 Full-Art Showcase Land card. Every pack contains a total of 10–13 Traditional Foil cards. A Cosmium Neon Ink card can be found in <1% of Collector Boosters.

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