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Chipping Medium

Chipping Medium

Chipping Medium

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What is the Chipping medium?

Chipping medium also known as chipping fluid is a specialized product used in the world of scale modeling and miniature painting. It is valid for brush and airbrush and it is designed to assist model enthusiasts in creating realistic weathering effects on scale models, such as model aircraft, tanks, cars, or dioramas. It works by altering the adhesion properties of paint layers, allowing the topcoat to be easily chipped or removed to reveal the underlying layers, simulating the wear and tear that real-life objects experience.

How to use a Chipping fluid?

Using chipping solutions effectively in your scale modeling or miniature painting projects requires a specific process. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating realistic weathering effects:

  1. Base Coat: First, a base coat is applied to the model's surface. This serves as the foundation and represents the underlying color or material.
  2. Application: It is then applied over the base coat. This medium creates a barrier between the base coat and the subsequent layers of acrylic paint, altering their adhesion properties. It makes it easier for the topcoat color to be removed or chipped away.
  3. Topcoat: After it has dried, a topcoat in a different color or shade is applied over the base coat. This represents the outer layer of paint on the model.
  4. Chipping Effect: As the topcoat dries, modelers use various tools like brushes, sponges, toothpicks, or even their fingertips, often dampened with water, to gently remove or chip away areas of the topcoat. This effect allows the topcoat to come off more easily, revealing the base coat underneath. This process creates convincing weathering effects, making the model appear weathered, aged, or battle-worn.

This is a valuable tool for achieving realism in scale modeling and miniature painting with model paints. It allows modelers to simulate the effects of time, exposure to the elements, and wear and tear, resulting in detailed and lifelike representations of the objects they are recreating in miniature form.

How Can I Create Rust and Weathering Effects Using the Chipping Solution on Scale Models?

This product can be a valuable tool for creating rust and weathering effects on your scale models. After applying the base coat, apply the chipping solution over the areas where you want the rust to appear. Once dry, add a layer of rust-colored color. As the topcoat color dries, use a damp brush or sponge to create the wear levels, revealing the base coat underneath. This technique mimics the appearance of rust eating away at the surface, adding realism to your model. Experiment with different rust and weathering colors to achieve varying degrees of authenticity.

What Are Some Advanced Techniques for Using Chipping Medium on Scale Models?

For those looking to take their modeling skills to the next level, consider these advanced techniques. After its application, use fine-grit sandpaper or abrasive pads to create more controlled and precise topcoat chips. You can also use masking tape to create defined edges for your chipped areas. Additionally, mixing the medium with different ratios of water can yield varying levels of adhesion, allowing you to create subtle to heavy effects. Practice and experimentation will help you master these advanced techniques.

How Can I Achieve a Natural Worn Paint Effect on Scale Models?

To achieve a naturally worn paint effect, start by applying a base coat and letting it dry. Apply it strategically, focusing on areas that would naturally experience wear and tear. After applying your topcoat, use a damp brush, sponge, or cloth to gently remove the topcoat, revealing the base coat underneath. The product will help create a realistic worn appearance, adding character and authenticity to your scale model. Experiment with different techniques and wear levels to achieve the desired worn effect for your specific project.

Warnings about the product:

  1. The product effect can diminish its effect if it is allowed to dry too long before applying the paint. Ideally, let it dry for a few minutes depending on the amount applied.
  2. The greater the amount applied, the greater the wear levels, so if not enough is applied, the effect may not be produced.
  3. Do not dilute it to avoid applying an insufficient amount of product.

Content: 1 bottle of 17 ml.


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