Acrylic Paint: Lollipop Magenta
Acrylic Paint: Lollipop Magenta

Acrylic Paint: Lollipop Magenta

Acrylic Paint: Lollipop Magenta

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Maxx Formula Acrylic paints

The Maxx Formula Acrylic Color range is a specially curated and developed line of paints designed for hobby modeling and miniature painting. Created by experienced artists using new-generation pigments, these highly pigmented paints offer an opaque and smooth matte finish. With a full spectrum of basic tones and shades necessary for wargames, vehicles, miniatures, and dioramas, as well as unique colors exclusive to GSW, this range aims to provide everything a hobbyist needs for their projects.

While the Maxx Formula range has been designed primarily for brush painting, hobbyists can also use these paints with an airbrush when slightly diluted with Acrylic Thinner. This versatility makes the range ideal for those who want to experiment with different painting techniques, allowing them to achieve a range of effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

The Maxx Formula Acrylic Color range comes in dropper bottles that are designed for easy and precise dispensing of the paint and a controlled flow of paint. This makes it easy to apply the paint exactly where you need it, without wasting any. One of the key features of the dropper bottle is the metal ball that is included inside. These mixing balls help to mix the paint thoroughly by agitating the pigments and ensuring that they are evenly distributed throughout the bottle. This is particularly useful for hobbyists who may not use the paint regularly, as it helps to prevent the pigment from settling at the bottom of the bottle over time. The dropper bottle also has a tight-fitting cap that seals the bottle tightly, preventing air from entering and drying out the paint. This helps to ensure that the paint remains fresh and usable for a long time, even if it is not used frequently.

Content: 1x Acrylic Paint 17ml


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